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We found our Christmas!

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Hi Cabaholics,

Wow. It is amazing how life changes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, we received the most UNBELIEVEABLE, MIND-BLOWING Christmas gift(s) imaginable! I can’t type for long as my laptop is acting very unpredictable, but check out these links to get an idea of what happened yesterday:

Also, if you’re in the Savannah viewing area,please check out the news on FOX tonight at 10pm or on WJCL at 11pm and you’ll get the full story. If my laptop decides to behave better tomorrow, I’ll post a much more detailed blog tomorrow (including Brad’s trip to the ER Friday night!).

Until then, have a great night and THANK YOU SAVANNAH AND CABAHOLICS EVERYWHERE!!!


Spleens and bowels…

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Hi Cabaholics,

Well, we spent four hours at the pediatrician’s office this morning. The doctors felt an enlarged spleen, so they ordered a lot of bloodwork and x-rays. The bloodwork came back perfect EXCEPT for dangerously low hemoglobin levels. He will quite possibly need a blood transfusion in the next day or two; we are waiting to hear back from transplant on this.

Also, a surgeon looked at his abdominal x-rays and felt like his bowel looked obstructed. A radiologist looked at the same x-rays and said that it doesn’t look obstructed. I know that this can be a common problem with transplant patients, but things seem to be “moving” fine in that respect (without getting too graphic), so we really don’t know how his bowels could be impacted.

All we know at this point is that we definitely need to go to the ER tomorrow morning for a follow-up x-ray; the rest is up in the air at this point. Please, please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. So far today, his fever has broken and he has not vomited, so we’re hoping he’s on an upswing….though we know that’s not EVER our luck!

A tired, worried Cabramy